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5 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Health

5 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Health

If you’re reading this, I can confidently guess you’ve been on a few diets over the span of your lifetime. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve been on more than a few.

For some, following a structured diet is the exact prescription they need to lose weight, increase energy and improve a long-standing health condition.

But for those who struggle with emotional ties to food, following a diet can be like carrying around a ball and chain every day.

But what’s the better option? Because with hundreds (maybe thousands?) of diets out there, and the ever-changing, and often confusing, nutrition do’s & don’ts in the media (eat this, not that…now eat this) it can feel like there aren’t any options left.

Discourage no more! What I’m going to share with you today may not be the most popular or highest trending topic in health and wellness, but I’m here to tell you that it works.

But before I share with you what works, let me tell you what DOESN’T work (because time is precious and none of us likes wasting time spinning our wheels):

•    Restricting foods (or an entire food group) for the sake of weight loss

•    Eating when you’re emotionally hungry

•    Being unfamiliar with your body and the signals it sends you

When you put  yourself on a restrictive diet, you’re bound to rebound. You’ll have cravings for the things you “can’t” have and your inner rebel will win in the end. It’s inevitable and it’s likely you’ve experienced this before, right? Do yourself a favor and just don’t do it.

When you eat just to soothe your emotions, you’re most likely eating foods that aren’t feeding your body the nutrients it needs. Things that are loaded with sugar and processed carbs do a great job at feeding you emotionally by stimulating “feel good” hormones like serotonin, but they do nothing much in the way of fueling your body with the nutrients it needs. Again, just don’t do it.

Knowing your body, inside and out, will take you a long way on your journey towards better health. If you’re so busy that you’re not paying attention to your body (what works/doesn’t work for you) then you’ll just keep “spinning” through life instead of feeling like you’re WINNING. And I know you’d rather be winning, right?

So here are the 5 simple things you can do to start winning the unnecessary battle with food and come out top:

1.     Say no to diets that are restrictive. Instead focus on exploring new, healthy foods that will give you more energy, provide your body with the nutrients it needs, and make you feel good physically and emotionally all day long.

2.     Recognize when you’re physically hungry vs. psychologically hungry. Instead of eating through your emotions, recognize what’s really going on and be proactive in a healthier way. When you’re stressed, for instance, destress by calling a girlfriend, taking a bath, journaling, taking a walk or turning on some music and dancing it out. You’ll feel better afterwards without having the guilt of eating something not-so-good-for-you.

3.     Pay attention to your body. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. But before you even do that, know when you’re actually hungry. For most people, this is when you literally feel empty and your stomach is “growling”. If you’re eating outside of this range, you’re likely eating out of habit or stress. Pay attention and see what queues you listen to and adjust as needed.

4.     Drink more water. We forget that water is one of the most import nutrients we can give our bodies. We can go without food longer than we can go without water before detriment sets in, so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Adding fresh lemon juice to your water first thing in the morning (warn water, preferably), is a great way to start the day.

5.     Add more fat to your diet. Yep, I said it. Make fat your friend. The key to this is to eat healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado…just to name a few) and reduce sugar and starchy/processed carbs, as well. Because if you don’t, the weight will pile on in the blink of an eye.

Getting these 5 things going will set you up for success and you’ll start to lose weight, have more energy, and feel confident and sexy again.

Not sure how to get the ball rolling?

Any of these steps feel overwhelming and daunting? In the comments below, share any questions you have along with any struggles you’re currently facing with your diet and/or body, and I’ll answer them for you and help get you moving in the right direction for success!

We’re in this together…let’s do this!

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  • Whitney July 12, 2016, 4:29 pm
    This post is thebomb.com. I LOVE your approach to wellness, Christine! I especially love #1. I'm all about saying no to restriction. I eat mostly vegan but will never officially commit to the title and go all the way. It feels so much better to have that little bit of flexibility and be able to eat some salmon or a grilled cheese once in a while...rather than depriving myself of those things. I love that you have that mindset too. Makes me feel more legit about it that an RD says it's okay. :)
    • Christine Dyan July 12, 2016, 4:46 pm
      Ah, yes! Putting labels on things (especially how we eat) can feel so restrictive. And since our diets (and our dietary needs) change over the the span of our lifecycle, it’s definitely a good idea to leave yourself a little room for the changes that may occur along the way. And like you said, if you want to have a piece of fish or a grilled cheese sandwich every now and then, you should feel free to do so without judgement or guilt. Sounds like you’re a pro at this already…keep on keepin’ on!! :-)
  • Jessie July 12, 2016, 5:12 pm
    Great post, Christine! I love how simple these practices are and I find myself doing a little bit of each of them every day, so that's a good thing! I would love to read more posts like this - just little things that we can do each day to live a little healthier. :)
    • Christine Dyan July 12, 2016, 6:04 pm
      Thanks Jessie! So glad to hear you're on the right track and practice these things every day. Life is much sweeter when we don't have the added stress related to dieting! Oh...and I'll definitely keep posts like this coming your way! :-)
  • Jessica Castle July 13, 2016, 8:36 am
    Great post! I love that these tips are so easy and straightforward. I struggle mostly with #2 - psychologically being hungry or "emotional eating". I will definitely try your tips the next time I'm feeling stressed (instead of reaching for cookie dough!) :)
    • Christine Dyan July 13, 2016, 4:49 pm
      I'm so glad you view these tips as easy and straightforward Jessica! Easier said than done though, for most of us. I too have had a life-long struggle with emotional eating and it's something that isn't cured, but instead can be very well-managed once you get the hang of it! :-)
  • Carla holden July 13, 2016, 4:29 pm
    I've had a loooooooong history or dieting and emotional eating so this post makes a ton of sense. I really don't do well on carbs and sugar overall so it's a fine line between not feeling deprived and not wanting to eat foods that set me off! Love that you touched on the effect these foods have on some of us.
    • Christine Dyan July 13, 2016, 4:57 pm
      Glad to hear you can resonate with this post Carla. As someone who has also struggled with emotional eating (and has learned how to better manage it) I'm not just speaking book theory here. I've learned firsthand what works and what doesn't. I pass it on to you so you can win at this too, without the huge learning curve in-between!:-)

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You work hard enough every day and your meals shouldn't be. Take the "Real Food, Real Fast 30-Day Challenge" Now and look and feel fabulous in 4 weeks! 

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