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I once had a woman tell me that she was skeptical about whether self-care worked because she needed proof.


In her words, it was like any other diet, exercise routine or superfood out there that’s become the new & popular thing. But does it really “work”, was her concern.


At first, I was shocked. Because how do you know if something works if you don’t give it a try?


I admit, I’m a total risk-taker. I’m not jumping out of a plane or bungee jumping from the side of a cliff, but I’m always open to exploring new ways to live a better life.


I’m an open portal to personal growth.


But I also get that everyone isn’t like me. And that’s why I do the work I do. I’m the liaison between the fear, doubt, and skepticism.


I’m on the other side of the “jump” letting you know “Hey Girl, HEY!! It’s all good on the other side, so come on and join me!”


Only thing is, I can’t take the jump for you.


You can take one small step at a time, though.


If you’ve been spending most of your time tending to others, whether it’s at work or at home, I want to encourage you today to start showing up for YOURSELF every day.


Here’s how to make the shift happen. Just remember, this is a practice that starts small and strengthens over time.



5 Ways To Show Up For Yourself Daily



  #1 Be open to CHANGE.  I know this seems like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised at how many people are resistant to change, even when they know it’s necessary. And resistance is VERY NORMAL. But when you’re committed to showing up for yourself, you recognize the need for change, even when it’s uncomfortable. Like they say “The magic happens outside of your comfort zone.”


#2 Be willing to take RISKS.  Sometimes you have to do the uncommon things without knowing the outcome. Risks are a part of life and a part of your human existence. When you’re committed to showing up for yourself, you recognize that there are some things you’ll need to risk and sacrifice. Be willing to take risks because the rewards are even GREATER!


#3 Honor the SIMPLE things.  I can’t express the importance of this one enough. Just because it “seems too simple to be true” doesn’t mean you should toss it aside as nonsense. Oftentimes it’s one simple shift that can change the whole trajectory of your life. It’s true. I hear this so many times from my most successful clients.


#4 Be more INTENTIONAL.  You know the saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”? Well, that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about being intentional with everything you do. That means being ON PURPOSE with what’s most important to you, instead of flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and landing where you land. When you’re committed to showing up for yourself, you do so with intention and purpose, not haphazard.


#5 Get the SUPPORT you need.  Hey girl, hey. You’re brilliant, but you don’t know everything. With the inception of Google and the internet, we all like to think we do, but we don’t. That’s why everyone on this planet has unique gifts & talents, and nothing will ever take the place of that. We’re here to to be of service to one another. So if there’s any area of your life you know you need help with, reach out and get the support you need.


So here’s where I’m going to take a bold stand, okay?


It’s time for a shift in the way you’re doing health & wellness. The old paradigm is PLAYED OUT.


If you’re reading this, I can confidently assume that you’ve heard it all and done it all (well, almost).


All the diets
All the exercise programs
All the superfoods
All the supplements


And with all of your past experiences, you’ve achieved results, but you’re still unsatisfied. You’re not where you want to be.


I get it. And at the same time, I’m not surprised.


So here’s what I want you to know:


We’re living in a different world today. What worked back in the day (the old paradigm of surface-level nutrition advice) just doesn’t hold up in this modern-day world.


Well it does, but not by itself. To thrive in the world today, you need more than a good dose of fruits & veggies and a solid exercise routine.




So what exactly is “Lifestyle Medicine”?? Lifestyle Medicine is a 21st Century approach to health & wellness that combines traditional practices (nutrition, exercise, supplements, etc) with Lifestyle behaviors, such as stress management, time management, social, mental & emotional health.


Deep, right? Yep, and so necessary if you want to truly thrive in today’s fast-paced world.


Can you confidently say, “Girl, I’ve got this self-care/lifestyle medicine thing under control.”? Most of us can’t. Even I need support in certain areas and have kept a coach consistently over the years.


If you need support, I’m here for you. CLICK HERE for a free mini session with me.  I’ve got you covered.