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Because you’ve tried all the diets and “all the things” AND:

You’ve lost the weight, and gained it back several times over.

You’re tired of the guilt.

And most of all, you’re tired of DIETING.



You’re ready to stand strong & confident in your little red suit at the office, and feel glamorous in your little black dress at the evening social affair.

You’re ready to stop hiding behind your “oompa-loompa” clothes and get on with all the things you’ve been putting off for years.





You’re so successful in all other areas of your life (blooming career, beautiful family and amazing friends), but for some reason, you just can’t seem to succeed at losing the nagging weight that’s been hanging on for years.

So here you are curious…as you look for the one last ditch effort to “get it right this time”.

You may be hesitant.  And you’re probably thinking:

“Why am I here?”

“What if it doesn’t work, again for the 100th time?”

“What makes working with a personal nutritionist / life coach any different from what I’ve already tried before?”

Here’s what I know to be true:

 In the past, you’ve been winging it alone.


You don’t know what you don’t know (Google & YouTube can only get you so far). 


You need individualized, personal support, and I can be that support for you.



Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Whole Body Wellness Coach.

My job as your coach is to help you be even more successful than you already are.

To keep you in consistent action towards your goals.

And, most of all, help you live your best life.

All of my clients are amazing in their own right, successful business women leading companies, teams and owning businesses that are changing industry standards.



When we work together, they become even MORE amazing after achieving BIG results. They also:

Stop using food to numb their emotions.

Make better decisions.

Stop making excuses.

Here’s why I’m so confident YOU will succeed:


I’ve been doing this work for two and a half decades.

The WHOLE BODY WELLNESS Lifestyle is a proven process that works.

Because it addresses ALL areas of your life, and NOT just your diet.

    The Whole Body Wellness Experience

     Here’s how it works:

    It’s a 6-month coaching program designed for clients who want a more holistic approach weight loss & emotional overeating.

    You have private access to me twice a month, along with all the supportive materials you need to succeed.

    You can get started by clicking the button below to schedule a FREE MINI SESSION with me.


    You can do this.

    I’ve got your back.

    You’re on your way to looking and feeling your best!


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