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"10 Simple Ways To Make Time for Self-Care"

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You’ve tried all the diets and “all the things”. You’ve lost the weight, and gained it back several times over. You may even feel like you’re at your breaking point right now.

And with all of that, you’ve landed here as one last ditch effort to “get it right this time”.

You may be hesitant. And rightfully so! You may be thinking:

“Should I really do this?”
“What if it doesn’t work?”
“I can’t afford to waste any more money.”
“I should keep trying on my own.”

Want to know how I know this? Because I was JUST LIKE YOU! Even as a Registered DIetitian Nutritionist, with more than enough education & training under my belt, I still struggled with keeping my weight from fluctuating year after year. But I’ve not only found my “sweet spot”, I’ve done it in a way that feels good for my unique body and lifestyle, and I can help you do the same too!


Nutritionist & Whole Body Wellness Coach, and my passion is helping women to commit to deep self-care in a way that brings energy & vitality back into their lives and releases excess weight for good.

My ultimate vision is that we’ll live in a world where women are strong & free and confidently living in integrity with what they want for their lives and their health. In this world, healthcare starts with self-care, using mind/body/spirit practices for WHOLE BODY health & wellbeing. 

I’ve spent over 25 years in the food, nutrition & wellness industry and clocked over 15,000 hours teaching the importance of self-care as the foundation of health & wellbeing. Along the way, I’ve evolved into my role as a “Whole Body” Wellness Coach, because I believe in the importance of treating the WHOLE person when they’re on their journey towards ultimate health.

In my signature programs, I combine evidence-based nutrition science with the practical tools of mind/body/spirit health to help my clients achieve soul-level nourishment & healing for their bodies and their lives.

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Christine Dyan Thomson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) spent over 10 years in the nutrition, health & wellness industry teaching individuals about the importance of nutrition before launching her own holistic wellness company in 2003. Combining her unique skills, along with evidence-based science & holistic healing modalities, she’s become one of the industry’s sought after nutritionists.

Christine has been most recently featured as the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 2016 Featured Dietitian of the Year and has written articles for Mind Body Green, The Elephant Journal, Heart & Soul Magazine and Today’s Dietitian. Christine was also featured on the former reality TV series “Too Fat for 15” as one of their nutrition experts.


Christine is a lifetime learner and holds multiple credentials & certifications, which include:


  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (Western Illinois University)
  • Registered Yoga Teacher, LifePower Yoga (Lifetime Fitness)
  • Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert (Academy of Culinary Nutrition)
  • Certified Eating Psychology Coach (Institute for the Psychology of Eating)
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)


Join the "Whole Body Wellness" community & receive my free checklist

"10 Simple Ways To Make Time for Self-Care"

(even on your busiest of busy days!)