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It may sound crazy at first…being addicted to your weight struggle.

Especially if you’ve been trying for years to lose weight.

Especially if you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror.

Especially if you’d pay/do/be just about anything to be a smaller size than you are right now.

A close friend and I were just talking about this the other day and it’s actually very common. More common than you think.

When you’ve been struggling with your weight for a long time, it’s easy to get addicted to the struggle. It’s all about that comfort zone. It’s more comfortable staying at the weight you’re at right now than it is to journey through the path of the “unknown”. Here’s what that path looks like to most:

  • What if I don’t lose the weight?
  • What if I lose the weight (again) and don’t keep it off?
  • What will everyone think of me if I “cheat” on my diet?

All of these “what if’s” circle back to “What will ‘they’ think of me?”

Although the struggle is real (believe me, I know firsthand), in order to heal and move forward, you have to learn to be okay with everything being okay and not worry so much about what people will think. Because the truth is it doesn’t matter what other people think. They’re not on your journey; the journey is yours and yours alone.

So that means you need to come to a point where you realize everything is okay no matter the outcome. What matters the most is you learn from your experience and keep on going for gold.

Keep on keepin’ on.

But before you start any new weight loss endeavor, try these on for size first:

  • Maybe you DON’T need to try that new diet because yours is okay the way it is, with a few small tweaks to get you headed off to a great start. Stop aiming for the next bright, shiny object and stick with what you’re doing if there’s no need for a big change.
  • Maybe you DON’T need to lose 10-pounds before the reunion because you actually look great just as you are. Most of us have had the experience of looking at pictures of us from the past when we thought we were ‘fat’ and thought “Whaaaaat? I thought I was fat back then? What was I thinking??!!” Get healthy to be healthy, not to lose weight.
  • Maybe, just maybe, if you stay consistent with the one thing that’s been working for you all along, you’ll reach your goal faster. Because when you release the struggle, and tweak things a bit, you begin to have more clarity and pave the road for succeeding at your goal in a healthier way.

You’ve got this. There’s no need to stay attached to your comfort zone. Step out on faith knowing you have what it takes to achieve any goal you set your mind to and remain committed and consistent with.

One small caveat: staying committed & consistent can sometimes be hard when you go it alone.

So if you already know you need support in the area of ending your struggle with weight, let’s “Get Acquainted”!

During our one on one call together, we’re going to explore:

  • Your current struggles with your weight and/or your health
  • What you’ve tried already in the past that hasn’t worked
  • What your vision is for your life and health

As a result, you’ll gain…

  • Clarity on what you desire for your life and health
  • Clarity on what would need to happen in the next 12 months in order for you to be happy with your results
  • Insights into why your past efforts have failed you

And, if you’d like additional personalized support in reaching your goals, I’ll also share with you next steps for working together that I feel would best serve you going forward.

Just imagine how much better you’ll feel when you no longer feel like you’re in a battle with your body and your weight. Ready? Schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me so I can help you get clear on your next steps toward feeling amazing in your body and taking care of it like a BOSS!