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Don’t Follow The Crowd

Don’t Follow The Crowd

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You probably know this already, but following the crowd (especially when it comes to dieting) isn’t a very good idea.

We’ve all done it though, right? A girlfriend loses 30 lbs in what seems like lightening-speed time, and you ask her with curiosity (and a tinge of burning jealousy) “How did you lose the weight?” She goes on to rave about the diet she followed and recommends it to you highly.

Your thought is “Well, clearly if it worked so well for her, it’ll work for me too!” So you venture out and give it a go. And you get great results….for a while until it just isn’t working for you anymore. Your weight plateaus, your frustration increases, and finally, you give up.

Was it you? Did you not have what it takes to make it work for the long haul? NO and NO!

Here’s the thing: No one diet is made for all of us. Although, as humans, we all have the same body parts, not all of our parts function the same. Some of us have sensitivities to certain foods, some of us don’t. I have plenty of friends and colleagues that are lactose-intolerant, for instance. But I can eat dairy without a problem.

Some of us are born with the lovely genetic predisposition of a higher metabolism and never gain a pound; then there are some of us that have slightly a sluggish metabolism (Hello, that’s me!) and we have to work at things a little harder.

So what’s a girl supposed to do? I mean we all want to be the healthiest we can be, am I right? Truth is, you wouldn’t even be here reading (listening) to this if you weren’t the slightest bit interested in making some changes, for the good.

Here are a couple of things I (highly) recommend you do, instead of taking on your girlfriend’s next best diet:


  • Get to know your own body. This is super-important. When you know your body, and accept all of it for what it is, you’re less likely to follow the crowd. You can confidently take a pass on the “next best diet” and keep doing you. Magical!
  • Become comfortable with saying “No, thank you!”. Oh boy! This is gold right here. Sooo many women I work with have trouble saying “No.” And honestly, I used to be one of those women, too. But when I finally got comfortable (and confident) with turning down those things that I know won’t serve me, lots of things changed. My confidence soared, for one thing. And when that happens, let me tell you, there’s no stopping you!

So those are my tips for you today, and I’d love to hear from you. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had with sticking to a diet, and how did you overcome it? Let me know in the comments below!



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3dbook_dessertisessentialGRAB A COPY OF my delicious ebook, “Dessert is Essential: How to Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too, in Life and in Health"

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