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This week I want to share with you The Power of Creating Routines & Rituals, especially if you want to make more time for yourself.

Are you like so many of us that are convinced that we don’t have enough time for the things we want & need to do? Do you find yourself making excuses about why your self-care has been “on the shelf” and getting a little dusty, because you “just don’t have time”? Well, this week’s topic is just for you.

When it comes to creating routines & rituals for yourself, your main focus and reason behind them should be about making time for the things that are most important to you. So you have to first ask yourself the question “What’s most important in my life right now?”

This is a question that can bring up a lot for you, so I encourage you to actually journal on it. For me, when I ask myself that question, here’s what comes to mind:

• My faith
• My children
• My health
• My financial security

Once you come up with your own answers, then you’ll want to create self-care routines and rituals that take care of those important things. This is the challenging part, because if you truly believe you don’t have the time for certain things, then you won’t see how you can “fit anything else in”, even if those things are important to you.

But I promise, promise, pinky-finger-promise that you have time. Every single client that I’ve worked with has discovered more time for herself, and it wasn’t hard. It didn’t require adding more “stuff” to her already busy schedule. It just required a shift in perception (and a few handy resources 😉 )

The truth is: You don’t know what you don’t know.

That’s why I have 3 simple steps for creating routines & rituals (without it being a time-suck):

1. Identify your gaps. Take a look at your current schedule. What’s it looking like? Are there gaps where you’re wasting time procrastinating or spending time on mundane things like social media or habitual email-checking? Be honest with yourself and identify your gaps.

2. Choose an area of importance. Remember that journaling exercise I mentioned to you a moment ago? Go back to it and choose ONE area that you want to change the most right now. Is it your faith walk? Your health? Once you determine what it is, I want you to slip a related activity into the gap you identified above. For example, if you recognize that you’re spending 30 minutes on Facebook every morning before you even roll out of the bed, and your true area of importance is strengthening your faith walk, you can commit to keeping your phone away from your bedroom in the morning and use that 30-minute window of time for prayer and meditation.

3. Stay committed. Once you get the ball rolling, stay committed. One of the easiest ways to do this is to track your success daily. There’s something about putting a check mark on the calendar next to an activity and marking it as “DONE!” that keeps the human brain activated and motivated to keep going. You can add your daily commitments to the reminder app on your phone and check them off at the end of each day, for example. Easy breezy, lemon squeezy!

So there you have it! YOU HAVE TIME for the things that are most important to you. Are you ready to commit to making some shifts to make it all happen? Because when you do, the trajectory of your life changes for the better!

One of the things I’m really good at is helping women see what’s possible for them, even when they can’t imagine it for themselves. I can do the same for you when you schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me.

During our time together we’ll:

• get clear on your current struggles with time
• discuss what you’ve tried in the past that worked/didn’t work for you
• elaborate on the vision you have for your life and your health

Then at the end of the call you’ll gain:

• Clarity on where you current gaps are
• Clarity on what changes you need to make that’ll fit your lifestyle
• Insights into what it will take to make a strong commitment to yourself

Ready to create your own unique routines & rituals that will allow you to take care of everything that’s most important to you? Click below to schedule your Clarity Call today!