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Not long ago, a couple of women left my online community.

One woman said, “Sorry, I don’t subscribe to diet culture.”

Another woman said something very similar.

I immediately realized these were their issues, not mine. Because truthfully, I’ve always been a woman who’s danced to the beat of her own drum. I don’t subscribe to anybody’s anything.

And you shouldn’t either.

When it comes to dieting, it can be very easy to get sucked into what everyone else is doing:

  • Your girlfriend goes on a diet and loses 30 lbs. Of course, you’d want that for yourself too.
  • Your coworkers are celebrating “Birthdays of the Month” and you’d rather bring in a healthy dish. But you know they won’t like it, so you “go with the flow” and bring in the regular.
  • The newest diet trend hits the market and everyone’s on the bandwagon. You know it sounds whack…but hey if it’s working for them, it’s gotta be good, right?


No. No. And No!

Lot’s of people are jumping on the bandwagon of “unsubscribing from the diet culture” and embracing body positivity and body acceptance.

Yes, all of this is a good thing. HOWEVER, when and why did we begin to demonize the word “DIET” in the first place? When you unsubscribe from something, you have to think about why you subscribed in the first place.

Maybe you were part of the diet culture because the diet industry feeds you hyped-up false hopes and dreams of the miraculous. Or maybe you’ve experienced multiple attempts of  unrealistic ways of dieting with zero results to show for it.

I get that.

But here’s a little Wisdom Nugget for you: Diet & Dieting are just words. You can’t unsubscribe from words. But you can unsubscribe from what you make these 2 words mean. When you do that, it changes everything. It’s all about mindset.

According to, DIET as a noun is defined as “food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health.” And as a verb it simply means “to feed”.

That’s it. That’s all.

I want to encourage you today to reframe your meaning of the word diet. Because every single time you eat (i.e. when you’re feeding yourself) you’re dieting.


Here are a few tips on How To Embrace The Word “DIET”…and get on with your life


#1 Ask yourself “Am I really doing a good job at feeding/nourishing myself?”  If you already know you’re kinda half-stepping on eating and living well, honor yourself for this inner wisdom. Then do better. Take it one meal, one day at a time.


#2 Be consistent with what you already know. I know you. You already know WHAT to do, you’re just not doing it. And I’m not pointing my finger at you.

Instead, I’m high-fiving you for already knowing what you need to do to get on track. You learned the basics of the 4 food groups in kindergarten, and although we’ve progressed beyond that in this new millennium, you can get started with what you know. More fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean meats. And water. Don’t forget about water (even if you don’t like it).


#3 Keep on dieting in your best way, every single day.  The more emphasis you put on trying NOT to diet, the more distracted you are from what you really want for yourself.

So keep dieting. Keep eating good, nourishing, high-quality foods. Hop off the trendy bandwagons everyone else is on march to the beat of your own drum.


Of course, I’m here to support you along the way! You may need a few healthy recipes to get you started. If so, CLICK HERE to start a FREE TRIAL of one of the meal plans I’ve created just for you! Remember, it’s not just a “diet”. It’s just one of the many ways of living your best life!​​​​​​​