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I believe one of the biggest reasons women have trouble with their body image, balancing life/work responsibilities, and their overall well-being is this:




We expect quick results.


We expect to look like we did in our 20’s.


We expect to get the same results as someone else did.


We want JLo’s or Beyoncé’ butt instead of our own.


We want Oprah’s riches, but we don’t want to go through what she went through to get it.


But hey girl, HEY! What would happen if you kept your eyes on your own paper and just did YOU?


Oooo, let me tell you. THAT’S where the magic happens.


Something my mentor taught me recently REALLY rang true, and I want to share it with you today.


“When you have the expectation for life to be 100% good all of the time, you’re setting yourself up for unnecessary disappointment.”


That’s not to say you should always expect things to be bad. Life is always 50/50. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.


And to take it a step further, when you consciously choose to see the positive in all things (even if it’s just saying “Well, I learned a good lesson from that!), you’re batting 1000.


So with 2018 coming to a close, I want to give you a mental glimpse into how you can plan for an amazing 50/50 life experience in 2019.


Make This ONE SIMPLE Shift To Live An Amazing 50/50 Life


Everything you do, every action you take, starts with a THOUGHT.


If you don’t remember anything, remember this equation:

Thoughts ==> Feelings ==> Action ==> RESULT


If you’re trying to change your habits, you must change your thoughts FIRST.


That means if you think it’s too hard to lose weight, you’ll feel defeated. You therefore won’t take action and you won’t get any results other than what you’ve been getting.


If you think balancing your personal/professional life is just totally impossible, you’ll feel overwhelmed by it all. You’ll keep on keeping on with the grind, and the result will likely be burnout.


To live an amazing 50/50 life, you have to choose thoughts that are in alignment with what you want


You can’t say you want to eat healthier…think it takes too much time…and then get frustrated with the lack of results you’re getting.


You can’t want to have a more balanced lifestyle…think it’s impossible because of all the responsibilities you have…and feel resentful and overwhelmed with it all.


Well you can, but why would you choose to do that when you don’t have to?


What’s amazing is that you get to choose how you think about any given situation. What’s less amazing is many of us don’t do that.


Then we end up frustrated, overwhelmed, unhappy (and sometimes, even overweight).


This is the stuff they DON’T teach you at Weight Watchers.


If you and I were meeting for the first time at my favorite place (Starbuck’s), I’d buy you a latte and let you experience the power of how this all works.


But since we can’t meet in person, I’d love to offer you a free Mini Session via the next best thing: a virtual coffee date.  CLICK HERE for a free mini session so I can show you the power of how changing your thoughts will create the life you want!