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You set a goal (let’s say it’s to lose 20lbs) and before you know it it’s 10 (TEN!) years later and now you need to lose 25. Sound somewhat familiar?
I once worked with a client (let’s call her Klara) who came to me for weight loss. Klara let me know up front that she’d been trying to lose the same 30lbs over the past 10 years with no success. She was totally convinced that something was wrong with her body because she had tried “all of the diets” and none had worked.
Now if you’ve been with me long enough, you KNOW I’m a non-diet dietitian. What that means is that I don’t recommend diets to my clients because I’m a firm believer that if you’re struggling with your weight, following a specific diet isn’t going to solve the root of the problem.
So back to Klara…

Even though Klara had tried all of the diets, committed to several different exercise routines, and had gone the extra mile to start taking supplements on a daily basis, what she didn’t do was THIS:


After doing some inner work with her, we discovered that her desire for instant gratification would always trump consistency over time. This is why she’d been stuck with the same health goal for the past 10 years.


When you desire instant gratification more than lasting results, you’ll keep spinning your wheels and not gain any forward movement (like a car spinning it’s wheels in the mud because it has no traction).


So here’s what I told Klara “If you focus on the actions it takes to lose just a pound a week, in 1 year you’ll have lost 52lbs. But if you keep starting & stopping, before you gain any traction & momentum, you’ll keep searching for the next best thing with little results.”


But what if your goal isn’t weight loss? The same theory (called the “Compound Effect”) still applies. Anything you do consistently over an extended period of time will lead to BIG results.


  • Smoke a pack a day? Eventually, you’ll have a significant result.
  • Late night snacker every evening before bed? Eventually, you’ll have a significant result.
  • Network your business every week for 52 weeks? Eventually, you’ll gain more visibility and more clients.
  • Drink 64oz of water a day? Your skin will glow like the moon.


So if this is “the way” then why isn’t everyone else doing it? Because our human brains are wired for instant gratification. We love the dopamine hit we get with the start of something new that feels really good in the beginning.


But the problem is, you don’t gain significant results with instant gratification. That’s why most people quit before they’ve gotten a good momentum going. Then the diet industry wins and you lose.


Compound results take time, but once they show up, they’re SIGNIFICANT. If you stick with it, the small actions you take will build up over time and create a tipping point, then voilà! You’ve got yourself something to show for the time and effort you’ve put in!


You’ll start hearing things like “Girl, what fountain of youth are you drinking from?” Haha!


So don’t stay stuck for the next 10 years. Choose consistency over instant gratification so you can live your best life.


I’ll admit, sometimes it’s a little tricky to get things going for yourself and to hold yourself accountable. Like Klara, you might need someone like me to support and guide you along the way (just don’t wait 10 years, okay?)


That’s why I offer a free Clarity Call. It’s the first step in getting clear on why you’re not gaining traction & momentum with your health goals.


During our time together we’ll:

  • Get clear on your current struggles with staying consistent
  • Discuss what you’ve tried in the past that worked/didn’t work for you
  • Elaborate on the vision you have for your life and your health


At the end of the call, you’ll gain:

  • Clarity on what you really want for your life and your health
  • Clarity on what it will take to actually achieve it
  • Insights into why your past efforts have failed you and how I can help

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