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3dbook_dessertisessentialGRAB A COPY OF my delicious ebook, “Dessert is Essential: How to Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too, in Life and in Health"

Jenn Lederer Interview

Nourish The Leader Within


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Today’s Special Guest: Jenn Lederer

Welcome, love! And congratulations on being here!

Let’s start this journey of transformation, right now, shall we?!

This month’s interview is with the incredible, Jenn Lederer.


Watch today’s video to learn it for yourself and start your own expansion and transformation from the inside out!

How To Have The Most SUCCESS

During This 3 Part Webinar Interview Series:


1. Watch The Video

Watch today’s video to learn about how to Nourish the Leader within YOU from these amazing women who are successfully doing it for themselves.

2. Take ONE Action In The Next 24 Hours

Choose 1 ah-ha or insight that you learned from this interview and take action on it in your own life in the next 24hrs.  Jump in – 2 feet! You deserve it!

3. Share!

I want to hear from you! Share your a-ha’s, insights and action steps on Facebook and tag me or Jenn.  You can also share on Instagram and tag us at: @christinedyanrd or @jennlederer 


Because when you make a public declaration of what you’ve learned and the 1 action step you plan on taking, you are 10 times more likely to really OWN that learning & actually, truly take that action step! Let us help hold you accountable to powerful shifts in your life & approach to leadership!

4.  Sign Up For My 5-Day “Simply Self Care” Challenge!

I am the CEO Nutritionist and work with women leaders to embrace the fullness of health in their lives.

I know that this year has been a DOOZY so far, and we’re all being spread pretty THIN!

In addition to what’s going on in the world, we give our energy away to our family and the extra projects at work and the recitals and parties and it can be thoroughly exhausting.

So if you’re desiring to step into this spring season in a new way and not go through this same old body and mind torture, then please know that I’m here for you and would love to have you join us for our next round of Simply Self Care. It’s the self-care challenge that  helps you to finally make your self-care routine a non-negotiable daily practice that you love.

The clients I work with feel more confident in their bodies at the events they attend. They have more energy to get through their day to day. They feel less stressed overall and more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. All because they have learned how to make self-care a lifestyle instead of a chore.

Click HERE to sign up and get all the details. We get started on Monday, February 20th!


Email me at: christine@christinedyan.com

3dbook_dessertisessentialGRAB A COPY OF my delicious ebook, “Dessert is Essential: How to Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too, in Life and in Health"

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