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Living With Eyes Wide Open

What do you use to process your emotions?


What do you use to learn and reflect on what’s currently happening in your life?


What do you use to STOP seeing yourself as the victim – poor me – my life sucks – can you believe what happened to me – and start seeing how you co-created with God your current life challenges?


Yup. I’m talking about living a life with Eyes Wide Open.


It’s hard! I get it. Living with eyes wide open can be incredibly painful at times. It is not fun to take ownership over the course of our lives and the shitty things that have happened or are happening in them. When you take ownership you can’t blame anyone else or anything else for the situation you find yourself in. Somewhere along the way you made a decision, or a series of seemingly small decisions, to get yourself exactly where you are right now.


The trick is to become consciously aware of this. Awareness is a magical elixir.


The more you stop and recognize how you co-manifested your current life situations with God, the more you can shift your life path to one that feels more aligned – more joyful – more abundant.


It’s important to be fully aware and AWAKE to everything happening in life: The good, the bad, the indifferent. It all matters in the creation of a very unique experience. Stories are told within every single situation. Stories that we’re meant to learn from. Seems like our individual “mini-stories” are like fertilizers for our lives. Each one is meant to feed us… to help us grow. BUT… if we don’t stop and take them in… if we don’t pay attention to the lesson in the story, then we risk a piece of us dying. We are broken, unfulfilled.


Personally, when I sit with the pain, feel it, honor it, allow it to be (without wallowing in it) I feel ultimately gratified. Without fail, it helps. And, I have to say that there is something pretty amazing about peeling back the layers of old and revealing the new. For me, it feels like a rebirth, and it’s different every single time. In fact, part of what gives me the strength to face the pain and struggle is my curiousity at who I’ll become in the end. That curiosity keeps me going.


How do you sit with the emotions without wallowing?


I use writing to process my emotions. I use writing to learn and reflect on what’s currently happening in my life. I use writing to step out of victimhood and into ownership.


And, when I’m writing, especially my morning pages, I find God. It is time I use to commune with God. In fact, I often find God having a conversation with me. Many times I pick up the pen and His message comes through my pen directly to me. I often have no idea what I’ve written until I’m done.


But, it works.  With each word or phase, a layer of pain, frustration and confusion is peeled back. It reveals a bright, shiny new me! Or maybe it’s the “me” that God created me to be in the world before my environment and ego conditioning got in the way. It’s funny how life can change us and take us away from our true purpose if we’re not careful. So, I take time to write, to commune with the Divine. Writing is cathartic for me. It heals me.  It keeps my mind, body & spirit healthy and whole.


What about you?


Have you had a similar experience with writing?


What do you use to live with Eyes Wide Open?
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3dbook_dessertisessentialGRAB A COPY OF my delicious ebook, “Dessert is Essential: How to Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too, in Life and in Health"

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