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One of my biggest pet peeves about the dieting and weight loss industry is that it oftentimes sells false promises. The message of “quick-fix” is SO prolific that it’s becoming harmful rather than helpful.

That’s why this week I took some time with one of my most successful clients to record a message for you. We wanted you to hear a TRUE story of success and what it really takes to lose weight, have more energy and feel good in your body again.

Yes, it’s inspiring to see before and after pics of a woman who has lost 15-20lbs on a 30-day cleanse, but what you don’t see are what I call the “after the after” pics. When you lose the weight too fast, you gain it back even faster. This is no bueno, my friend.


But Saran and I come with words of wisdom and real transformation today! If you’re on the journey of weight loss, or have given up on it all, this message is for YOU!

Do you see that look of excitement on my face? That’s me feeling really pumped about Saran sharing her story of transformation with you. Take a listen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, and inspired, by all that she has to share today!


And if you’re ready for your OWN story of transformation, I invite you to schedule a Clarity Call with me.

What’s a Clarity Call? It’s a Me + You conversation where we’ll talk about:

• Your current struggles with your weight and/or your health
• What you’ve tried already in the past that hasn’t worked
• What your vision is for your life and health

At the end of the call, you’ll gain:

• Clarity on what you desire for your life and health
• Clarity on what would need to happen in the next 12 months in order for you to be happy with your results
• Insights into why your past efforts have failed you

I’ll also share with you next steps for us working together in partnership, if we both agree it’s a good fit.