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People often ask me about supplements: “Do you recommend a specific brand?” “Which ones should I take?” “Are they really necessary?”

NOURISHMENT with supplementation is an individualized choice to make based on lifestyle and physiological needs. 

What else should you know?

While I don’t have a specific brand that I recommend, I do advise that you choose a high-quality supplement. That means the local drugstore brand is out.

When it comes to choosing WHAT to take, I believe there are 3 baseline supplements we should all take into consideration:

==> Multivitamin

==> Omega 3

==> Vitamin D3 (be sure to get your level checked first!)

Just taking random individual vitamins/minerals “just because” is NOT a good idea, unless recommended by your doctor. But a high-quality, daily multivitamin has never hurt anyone.

If you know you need a little more support making healthier choices, you’re ready to feel amazing in your body and you’re committed to start taking care of yourself like a BOSS, my FREE Clarity Call is just the perfect next step where I’ll help you determine just how to do that. Click below to schedule yours today!