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Self-Care. It’s the newest “buzz word” in the health & wellness space these days. I’m not usually one to jump on the newest bandwagon that comes along, and quite frankly, I’m not a follower of trends.


But until I can come up with a different word for self-care, I’ll keep using it, mainly because it’s an important topic – especially for women.


Unfortunately, the way self-care is described across the interwebs is so surface-level that it takes away from the truth of what it really is and the potential it has to transform a person’s life.


There’s a huge myth out there that tells us that women need to be reminded to take care of themselves. This to me just is, for lack of a better term, silly. Because unless you are literally incapable (physically or mentally) of taking care of yourself, you probably don’t need a reminder.


And that brings me to the even bigger myth and portrayal of self-care — that it’s some sort of indulgence or luxury task that you do for yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This gives the impression that self-care is something that we occasionally indulge in, AND it should feel like an indulgence.


Again, this is a huge myth and is (to me) crazy-making. Why? Because it leads women to believe that these “indulgent tasks” are something else that they have to add to their to-do lists that are already a mile long. And the truth of the matter is that self-care isn’t an indulgence, it’s a discipline.


Let me repeat: Self-care is not an indulgence. Self-care is a discipline. And discipline simply means you’re being a DISCIPLE to yourself.


It’s a discipline that requires you to have a deep and personal understanding of your priorities in a way that you willfully honor those priorities on a regular basis. That’s so very different than just taking an indulgent aromatherapy bath or buying yourself flowers on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


The discipline of self-care means you:

• Say “No” when it comes to taking care of others that are fully capable of taking care of themselves, because you know that enabling isn’t something that is helpful to them, or to you, overall.

• Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” when you’re working (or 24/7, like I do) and only allow certain important family/friends call you during this time, in the event of an emergency.

• Get to bed at a decent time so that you can rise and shine early enough to have time for your morning routine, because you know without it, your day will be like crap.


So today I want to encourage you to not fall into the crazy-making myths of self-care that are being portrayed across the interwebs. Instead, redefine self-care as a discipline that’s based on the deep, personal understanding of your priorities. When you shift your mindset around this one very thing, you’ll be more willing to commit to those priorities and ultimately change your life.


So how does all of this land with you, ? Definitely let me know, and if there’s any way that I can support you in digging deeper into your personal priorities so you can create a solid self-care routine, I offer what I call a Clarity Call.


A Clarity Call is a 1-hour free session that I offer to those I’m inspired to share ideas, inspiration and direction with that I think could be very helpful.


The typical value for a 1-hr session with me is $350, but again, I’d love to offer this to you as a complimentary gift. You can simply fill out this brief form, and we’ll get you on the calendar right away!