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I’m just going to cut to the chase.


If you’ve been struggling with achieving a weight loss goal, or any other health goal for that matter, YOU are not to blame.


You hear people talk about “self-sabotage” all the time. When they say this, they really don’t know what they’re talking about.


Instead of playing the blame-game, let’s talk about the real-deal.


The Secret Saboteur Behind Your Weight Loss Plateau


There are 3 reasons you struggle with weight. Over-hunger, Overeating and Over-desire.


Today I want to dive deeper into over-desire and the role it plays in the struggle you may be experiencing. This could be the shift you need to put you on a new eating trajectory, so read on.


Your brain is your biggest asset. It controls every part of your physical, mental & emotional existence.


So it makes sense (doesn’t it?) that in order to create lasting change, you have to learn how to manage your BRAIN.


Here’s what I mean by that, specifically as it relates to over-desire:

  • Our neurotransmitters are programmed to desire anything that gives a subtle, let alone a huge, dopamine response.
  • We are being marketed food by experts all day every day.
  • We don’t know how to manage our emotions, so we desire food as a way to escape and not feel.


So, what exactly is desire? It’s an emotion.


As with all emotions, desire starts with a thought in the brain. Most of the thoughts that cause desire are unconscious due to repetition, so we aren’t even aware we are thinking them.


GOOD NEWS! Desire is learned and desire can be unlearned.


But here’s the tricky part: If desire is always answered with a reward (food, for instance), then the desire will continually increase after every exposure.


Anything that provides us with a reward in our brain will do the trick of generating powerful desire and over-desire.


Most of the things that cause over-desire are highly concentrated, and because of that, they give us the biggest dopamine hits.


Concentrated sweets, refined sugar and flour products are mostly to blame for over-desire in our diets. You’ve likely heard this before, but in a very surface-level way.


The reason you’ve been struggling with losing the weight you want to lose is due to a cyclic over-hunger, over-eating, over-desire process that keeps you feeling like you’re self-sabotaging.


But it’s not intentional self-sabotage. It’s just your brain being its usual efficient self. It’s just doing the job it’s meant to do (being efficient).


“So Christine, what’s the solution to all of this?” Well I’m so glad you asked!


The solution is to unlearn the desire for concentrated foods that cause a high insulin response (because insulin is, simply put, the “fat storage hormone.”)


And you do this by eliminating refined sugar and flour from your diet completely. Yes, I said completely…but not forever.


In the beginning, you need to go cold turkey in order to give your body & brain a reset.


When you do this you’ll:

  • Reduce the amount of insulin, the fat-storage hormone, in your blood
  • Reduce the amount of dopamine release
  • Dramatically reduce your desire for these foods
  • Lose the weight you’ve been struggling to lose!!


So I make this sound easy, but it’s not. In the beginning you WILL struggle. Your brain (because it wants to be very consistent & efficient) will try to convince you that you NEED to eat the sugary/floury stuff. And without the right support, you may give in.


That’s where I come in. I have an entire program set up to support you with achieving WHOLE BODY WELLNESS & FOOD FREEDOM.


Interested in learning more? CLICK HERE for a free mini session with me, and let’s talk about it.