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I’ve got some great news for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed with social media.


Whether you’re like me and you run an online business, or you use social media to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues, keeping your time online to a structured minimum is important.



Why? Because your mental and emotional health depends on it.



In fact, I’m just returning from a 6-week social media hiatus and it was THE BEST thing I’ve done for myself in recent years. In the video below, I explain what I did (and why) and what I learned from it all in the end.



Watch it now (FULL DISCLOSURE- The video quality is a bit shoddy, but hang in there with me until the end):


The good news is that you’re in total control of how you spend your time.


  1. Social Media can be an addicting TIME SUCK if you don’t manage it well

  2. Being in community and building healthy relationships is part of deep self-care

  3. Taking an extended break is like hitting the mental/emotional reset button

As always, If there’s any way that I can support you along your self-care journey, I want to offer you what I call a Clarity Call.

A Clarity Call is a 1-hour free session that I offer to those I’m inspired to support and provide direction with that I think could be very helpful.

I’d love to offer this to you as a complimentary gift. You can simply fill out this brief form, and we’ll get you on the calendar right away!