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What Your “Tiredness” Really Means

How many times have you heard yourself say, “I’m tired. But… it’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix.” Or, “Ugh. I just need to give myself a few extra hours of sleep. I’m exhausted.” I know I utter these sentiments with regularity, especially now while in the midst of BIG life changes. In fact, on occasion I’ve even used my lack of sleep as a badge of honor. As if my tiredness is a reflection of how busy and successful I am.


I’m here today to totally out myself!


There is nothing honorable in feeling tired or being exhausted.


In fact, exhaustion can rarely be fixed entirely by a good night sleep. This is a huge myth we tell ourselves. And it works because it keeps us from asking the deeper, vulnerable questions of what’s underneath the tiredness, like: “Why DON’T I have any energy?” “What’s really the ROOT CAUSE of my tiredness?” “Why CAN’T I sleep?”


For me, peeling back that extra layer, I realize that my exhaustion comes from the heavy burdens I’m carrying around. The burden of misaligned relationships. The challenge of transitioning into a new job.  The uncertainty of my future and my dreams.


Then, this leads me to ask, the second terrifying question in the game of truly becoming well rested again, and that is: “What do I need to do in order to release the heaviness of my current burdens?”


For me personally this means…


 Shifting my priorities.


My desires are shifting. (Away from moving to NYC. Away from putting everyone else before myself. Away from shitty relationships.) My priorities are shifting more towards a deeper, more fulfilling connection with myself and my body. Being self-centered in a good way.


My body & soul wants to feel safe.


I desire deeply to surround myself with my soul sisters. Women and friends I fully trust. People I can be myself around, unapologetically. People who fill me up and ask for nothing in return. I feel like I’m different than a lot of people. I often get the side eye from acquaintances or colleagues. For instance, I recently mentioned to some people at work that I want to bring in a jar and make a homemade batch of kombucha for the office and they looked at me like I had a 3rd eye. “What’s kombucha?” one coworker asked. I was quickly reminded that the bubble I’ve lived in for the past several years isn’t a true depiction of the “real” world. So, I’ve got to make sure I get time with the women in my life who love me for who I am,  a holistic, kombucha-loving naturalista who’s part woo-woo and part potty-mouth.


My body & soul needs me to focus on self-care.


It’s time to take better care of myself. While I’m usually pretty good at this, I’ve been slacking a bit lately. What I know for sure is when self-care is a consistent part of my daily life, I naturally feel more openness, freedom, love, peace and serenity within myself. This allows me to extend these feelings to others, without it feeling forced or fake. To get my self-care back on point,  I’ve restarted writing Morning Pages to release the monkey mind thoughts. Doing this creates peace and openess in my mind and heart.


So, I’d love to hear from you about YOUR tiredness in life.


What is something that is draining or exhausting you right now? How can you shift it?

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You work hard enough every day and your meals shouldn't be. Take the "Real Food, Real Fast 30-Day Challenge" Now and look and feel fabulous in 4 weeks! 

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