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I’ve dealt with body image issues for a very long time. Since I was 8 years old, to be exact. It was then that I learned how to eat everything on my plate, even if I felt full, AKA the “Clean Plate Club.”

Because I was shamed into believing there were starving kids in underdeveloped countries that didn’t have food, and therefore I was privileged and should eat ALL of mine. I gained a lot of weight over the years.

In elementary school, I was a bit on the chubby side. I hated shopping for clothes because we’d always have to shop in the “Huskies” section, and the clothes for the husky girls weren’t nearly as cute (or trendy) as the regular-sized clothes.

High School was a bit of a mash-up when it came to my weight. One year I was up, the next I was down.

But no matter what I weighed, I always saw myself as the ‘fat girl’ in the group.

It didn’t help that I wasn’t very athletic, nor was I involved in any extracurricular activities.

By the time I went away to college, I had gotten a bit used to the fluctuations in my weight. But I had become a lot more active through walking on campus and dancing on the weekends. I remember coming home one summer and my mother calling me “anorexic-looking”. By the time she saw me again for the winter break, I had put on a few pounds and she had a snarky remark about my weight gain as well. #momproblems

And even though I have multiple degrees and certifications in nutrition, health, and wellness, and I can whip out a diet plan faster than Superman can change his clothes in a phone booth, I am not an advocate of diets and meal plans.

But before I tell you why I don’t subscribe to diets, let me make one thing clear:

I’m not against diets, for the right people.

The “right” people would be those who:

  • need to follow a therapeutic diet to manage a chronic health condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, etc)
  • do NOT have a history of disordered eating (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia)
  • do NOT have a history of emotional eating
  • do NOT have chronic body dysmorphia (aka obsessing over their body image on a regular basis)

And if you really think about it, that doesn’t leave a lot of people left in the mix. With body dysmorphia alone there are over 200,000 cases diagnosed/treated per year. Sad, but very true.

So that’s why I don’t believe a diet is what you need in the 1st line of defense against body weight and poor body image. It has been my personal and professional experience that dieting keeps the cycle of obsession going. It keeps the weight yo-yo’ing. And it keeps our minds spinning through guilt, frustration, anxiety, and mental pain that isn’t healthy at all, especially when the overall result we want IS to be healthy.

Here’s what you need to do instead:


  1. Learn how to create healthy eating habits that fit YOUR lifestyle
  2. Start to incorporate fulfilling & meaningful life experiences so you don’t have to use food to fill the voids
  3. Heal any emotional wounds you have that cause you to soothe your mood with food

Once you’ve done these 3 things, you’ll realize that following a diet isn’t necessary. You’ll have found your own “mojo” in life and in health, and therefore a diet is the last thing you’ll need.

When done right, you’ll naturally release the unwanted weight, have more energy, and start to feel confident and sexy again. And while it may not be the most common prescription for weight loss, it’s the most fulfilling and sustainable way to a healthier body and life, guaranteed!

Let’s Create a “Clean Slate” [FREE COACHING for YOU!]

Not sure how to get off the dieting bandwagon and start doing things in a more non-traditional (holistic) way? Worried you’ll never lose the weight and stay in the same body forever?

I want to help!

Sometimes all it takes is one minor tweak to lead you in the right direction towards success in an area you’ve been struggling your whole life.

In the comments below, share 1-2 things you’ve been struggling with the most regarding your eating habits, lifestyle, and/or weight loss.

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