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Why You Don’t Need to Lose Weight FIRST to Feel More Confident in Your Body

Why You Don’t Need to Lose Weight FIRST to Feel More Confident in Your Body


I want to let you in on a little known secret. Get this: You really DON’T have to lose weight BEFORE you can feel confident in your body. Let me tell you why…

Well first, let me tell you how I know this to be true.

Last year, for the first time ever, I booked a super-premium branding photo shoot in preparation for the launch of my business website. I invested A LOT of money in this shoot and it was taking place in my favorite city of all time, New York City.  And you bet, I was super-excited!

But at the same time, I was scared to death.

Scared because I’ve always avoided full-body shots like the plague.

Scared because I knew I would be SEEN by so many people.

Scared because I had never felt so vulnerable before…I literally felt NAKED.

Scared because I’m not a size 6 and I’m a registered dietitian…what will people say and think of me?

My monkey-mind was working overtime, for sure.

Nevertheless, I was all in. I made the investment (which really was just a form of commitment to myself and the photographer) and I couldn’t back out.

Alas, I needed to find something to wear.

In the past, I’ve always dreaded shopping for clothes. Not because I couldn’t find anything to fit (I’m a regular size 12), but because I didn’t know how to shop for my unique body shape. And I really think that after raising 3 boys, I had lost a bit of my feminine mojo. I dressed more for comfort than style (and that’s not always so cute).

I had to learn some new shopping techniques, and I had to learn quick. Because I had made a shopping attempt on my own to pick out a few outfits and I came out of the store with nothing but anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm. No bueno!

I surrendered and realized that I needed help. Miraculously, I came across an online “Style School” course that taught me so much about how to style my body, from choosing the right bra, figuring out my true body-shape & size, to finding my “style icon” and how to dress like her with my unique shape.

Holy mackerel! It was like the style floodgates had opened up from the heavens. But I want to tell you what really helped me become more confident in my body as it is right here, right now.

Truth: Being fully-expressed on the outside for who you are on the inside is the key to becoming more confident in the body you have right here and now.

Now this isn’t to say that the clothes you wear dictate your confidence. But since we all have to wear clothes in our day-to-day lives, and we all have our own unique style (whether you’ve discovered it, or not), being able to fully express yourself through the clothing and accessories you wear can be life-changing for most.

This his why you don’t need to lose weight first, in order to become more confident. Will confidence come as you lose weight? Maybe…but maybe not. Why wait on the weight when you can have what you desire right now?

I say you start from within right here and now. Lead with confidence and the weight loss will follow.

What are your thoughts on this?

Let me know in the comments below:

  1. How are you hiding behind the weight?
  2. What can you do TODAY to show a little bit more of your unique style and confidence?

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  • Whitney July 19, 2016, 11:13 am
    Such a great thought, Christine!! We often say "I'll be happy when/if..." and build this dream scenario in our head when it will all be perfect. But you're right -- why wait?? There are ways to be happy right now and we should focus on THEM instead of the *someday* picture. I also agree that the right outfit can completely change your attitude and the "you" you share with the world. It's amazing what a good style sesh can do!
    • Christine Dyan July 19, 2016, 12:49 pm
      Style is everything Whitney! I truly believe it's an outer expression of our uniqueness, which is an important confidence booster! :-)
  • Jessica July 19, 2016, 11:50 am
    As someone who works from home (aka spends all day in PJs) - this post so hits home! Of course I'm not my ideal size, but I definitely feel even frumpier and bumpier at home - when I don't get dressed up. I used to think that getting dressed when working from home was a waste - but on days when I've had early video calls or appointments, and I have spent the day in "real clothes" - I've noticed my productivity was way up. So I'll definitely apply this as part of feeling more confident in my appearance as well! Thanks for the motivation :)
    • Christine Dyan July 19, 2016, 12:45 pm
      So glad this was motivating Jessica! I work from home and I get dressed for work every single day. Even if it's my yoga gear (usually because I'm either teaching or attending a yoga class) I get dressed. Otherwise if I stay in my PJ's my energy stays low and all I want to do is lounge around. :-)
  • Jessie Ford Coots July 19, 2016, 1:43 pm
    I really enjoyed this post, Christine! I think that too many people put their focus around weight and physical looks, instead of feeling confident and beautiful on the inside. The more we truly feel good about ourselves, the more it shows on the outside. And, I agree, having fun and getting styled with outfits that you really love can definitely give you that extra boost! I always feel that way when I'm wearing something I feel good in and there is nothing wrong with that! :)
  • Libby July 19, 2016, 10:26 pm
    I love this! Before having a baby I would always put effort into cute clothes and putting on makeup. But it's definitely harder now. I always feel like my shoulders have dried snot on them and my pants are covered in cracker crumbs. You've inspired me to take myself shopping! And maybe schedule a date night :) Thanks for the pick-me-up Christine.
    • Christine Dyan July 20, 2016, 12:25 pm
      Yay! As a mama of 3 boys, I totally get it. But I'm a strong advocate for "dressing for success" daily, not in a corporate-way, but in a lifestyle-way. Success is whatever you define it as, so go rock on and enjoy your date night Libby! :-)

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You work hard enough every day and your meals shouldn't be. Take the "Real Food, Real Fast 30-Day Challenge" Now and look and feel fabulous in 4 weeks! 

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