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"10 Simple Ways To Make Time for Self-Care"

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Therefore, if you’re just looking for a meal plan, exercise routine and weekly weigh-ins, I’m not the woman for you.


Truth of the matter is…you can get that anywhere on the internet.


BUT, if you’re ready to explore the soul-nourishing ways you can heal your body, love your life and (if weight is an issue for you) release excess weight for good, you’re in the right place.


I work well with women who know they’re capable of having what they want for their bodies & their lives, but are having a difficult time putting everything they know into action.

Usually, by the time a woman gets to me, I’m the last stop.

She’s tried all the diets and ‘all the things’. She’s exhausted all the ways SHE knows how to maintain a healthier lifestyle and making sure self-care is a non-negotiable priority. She’s really at her breaking point.

And with all of that, she finds me, and yet she’s still hesitant. And rightfully so. She’s thinking:

“Should I really do this?”
“What if it doesn’t work?”
“I can’t afford to waste any more money.”
“I should keep trying on my own.”


I know this because I’ve said the EXACT same things anytime I’ve thought of hiring a coach. I’ve hardly ever been excited about making the investment, even when I knew it was for my good. I’ve always thought “maybe I can do this on my own”. And I’ve always wondered (sometimes with skepticism) “Will this really work?”


If you’re thinking those same thoughts, I’m here to tell you it’s A TOTALLY NORMAL part of the process of creating change.

I believe you can achieve all of your desires, and more.

My vision is to contribute to a world where women feel strong & free and are confidently living in integrity with what they want for their lives. I do this by combining my expertise in nutrition & mind, body, spirit wellness, alongside my unique ability to lead, guide and hold sacred space for others.

When we partner together in one of my customized coaching programs, my ultimate goal is to get you clear on what you want and support you along the way to achieving it. We work together to co-create your VISION for the lifestyle you truly desire, using that vision as the foundation for all of the work we do together.

I do all of this through a signature process I created, THE WHOLE BODY WELLNESS LIFESTYLE

These 8 Pillars are the foundation of all my coaching programs:


Imagine never dieting again or restricting yourself from your favorite foods. I’ll help you master what’s called “intuitive eating” so you can learn how to listen to your body’s cues for what and how much it wants. This will give you the dieting and body weight freedom you’ve been searching for for years.



Deep self-care is essential and lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. This isn’t about massages, mani’s and pedi’s (although those things are nice). DEEP self-care goes beyond the physical and nourishes you on a mind, body, spirit level. I’ll guide you through perfectly-curated practices that will support you in giving back to yourself in a soul-nourishing way.



It’s essential that we have something that draws us closer to ourselves and closer to God. Together we’ll co-create a spiritual practice that will give you the peace, clarity and grounding required to complete your daily tasks with ease.



Rituals help to actualize the intentions set for your life vision and the routines help to put everything into consistent action. Together we’ll co-create your ideal routines and rituals that will eliminate any guesswork and keep you from ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ on a daily basis.



Yoga is more than ‘exercise’. It’s movement and energy flow in synergy with breath. Yoga is also the perfect way to connect with your body on a deeper level. As a certified yoga teacher, I’ll support and guide you through a carefully-curated sequence of asanas that will help you connect to your body and give it the energy it needs.



How you move through your life (i.e. your ‘life rhythm’) controls your energy and the ultimate outcome of your vision. There are also seasons and cycles that we all go through, and when you honor them, life becomes a lot sweeter and easier to digest. I’ll guide you into learning your unique life rhythm and how to honor your seasons & cycles in life while you’re manifesting your goals.



You can’t get where you want to go without having a VISION for it first. I believe God gives us all a vision for our lives and it’s up to us to create time and space for it to manifest. I’ll guide you through the process of crafting the vision for your life & your health. Because you cannot separate what you want for your health & your life – they’re one in the same.



When your energy is blocked or stagnant, it can often lead to stress or mind/body illness. Through a committed meditation & movement practice, you’ll keep your energy clean & clear and maintain vibrancy throughout the day.

Within my 3 unique coaching programs, you learn how to easily incorporate the “Whole Body Wellness” process into your life for lasting results

You may be feeling a tug at your heart or your gut that’s telling you it’s time for a change. I invite you to listen to your own intuition.


If you’re sitting behind your computer screen feeling a strong urge to learn more about how we can work together, I invite you to follow that impulse.


Next steps to learn more is to set up a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call with me so that we can connect and see what is possible for you if you were to partner with me as your coach. We’ll also discuss pricing and payment plan options for the coaching program you choose.

Join the "Whole Body Wellness" community & receive my free checklist

"10 Simple Ways To Make Time for Self-Care"

(even on your busiest of busy days!)